Suomen Teatteriorkesteri: Soundcheck


Esitykset 19.6.2003 Prague Quadrennial, Tampere Biennale 31.3.2004

Orkesterin jäsenet kantaesityksessä (19.6.2003) Matti Jykylä, Kasperi Laine, Juhani Liimatainen, Antti Mäkelä, Teemu Määttänen, Antti Nykyri, Sami Rautaneva, Jyrki Sandell, Jori Tossavainen

Kuva William Iles

Ote käsiohjelmatekstistä (Praha 19.3.2003):

Theatre Orchestra of Finland is founded to perform at any location at any time with any combination of members as long as the process tickels the minds of the participants. So far the Orchestra has consisted mainly of finnish theatre students. The latest performances have included light- and sound installations, performance art, musical compositions, process music and video art.

This performance is a soundcheck where each performer uses their favorite instruments to create an aural and visual entity.

Soundcheck at PQ 2003, Prague 19.6.2003:

Stereo test

Phase test 1

Phase test 2

Distortion test

Tone test

Wow and flutter test